About Our Baby Milestone Plan


Your new bundle of joy has arrived! This is a special time that goes by so fast and should be treasured! The best time to book your newborn session is within the first 10-14 days of baby being born. This is when they are the most sleepy and it is much easier to get them into a deep, comfortable sleep for those sweet poses. Because all babies are different and some take longer to get to sleep than others, we always allow up to three hours for this session, the longest of all our milestone sessions. This time also allows for feeding and changing the baby and any family or sibling photos you want to include. We suggest having older siblings only attend the session for the first 30 minutes so that we can focus on baby without any distractions. We have several wraps, blankets, and headbands here at the studio, but feel free to bring along any other special items you’d like to incorporate such as hats, toys, or family heirlooms.

3 months

At the 3-month session, we focus on baby holding their head up. We’ll also capture those fun and new expressions that are beginning to emerge. Because babies get more tired at this age, this session is the shortest and generally lasts up to half an hour before baby gets too fussy. We’ll always block off a full hour to allow time to feed and change them, but usually only one outfit/theme is used for this session. 

6 months

For the 6-month milestone, baby is sitting up unassisted. They are also much more curious at this stage and are becoming more aware of what is around them. For this reason, feel free to bring more personal items to incorporate into the photos. We have plenty of items for baby to lean on to make them feel secure and comfortable. 

9 months

At this stage, baby is standing up while holding on. We have many props that we use for this session as well. The best time to book this session is when baby is able to stand by themselves for up to 10 seconds. It is normal for them to still be a little unstable at this point, so we always encourage mom or dad to stand on the sidelines just in case. 

1 year

Happy birthday! Time goes by so fast during the first year. This session aims to capture baby while they are standing on their own but not yet walking. It also includes a cake smash to let your baby really go wild! We ask that you bring your own cake and feel free to bring along any other birthday décor including balloons, streamers, or banners. We recommend using vanilla or light-colored cake (chocolate can sometimes look like mud) and fluffy frosting (avoid red or blue frosting-it’s harder to clean up!). This is a really fun session and can sometimes be unpredictable, but the expressions are always adorable!

Things to remember

If your baby is not quite at these milestones at these times, don’t worry! There is no “correct” age for babies to hit these milestones. The ages listed are an approximation and the sessions can always be booked at different intervals.

Before each session, we will talk through the outfits and items you have brought and what colors/themes you prefer for each. Our goal is to make you and your baby feel as comfortable as possible throughout each session.